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When you become a member of Peace you develop an ownership and a greater sense of belonging. Membership is the next step in your faith walk as we guide members to be Christ to those inside and outside our walls. We believe membership is a heart issue, but really encourage people to get connected here and use their God-given gifts to his glory.

Life Groups
Life groups serve as a vital way for people to connect to Christian community and to receive care and support in their faith life. They also provide an opportunity to study and apply God's word to life, to grow spiritually, and to serve others. Whether you are a Peace member or not, you are invited to connect to a life Group.

Mission Opportunities
Peace Church offers a wide variety of ways to serve in the community and abroad through our different various mission trips and community volunteer experiences.

Serving at Peace
Peace Church always is looking for people to use their skills to serve in the church during the week or on the weekend.

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