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The word "church" has taken on an entirely different meaning in America today. Usually it refers to a building or physical structure at a specific location as in "On Sunday, we go to church." or "I have a church meeting tonight." But it is interesting to note that the word "church" is never used that way in the Bible. The writers of Scripture always used the word to speak about a local group of believers - a congregation of people gathered to worship together and grow deeper in their relationship with each other and with their Lord. At Peace, we want to get back to the original use of that word.

If you have been visiting or attending Peace for a while and are deciding if you want to become a member, keep in mind that joining a church is about committing to people, not to an organization. It is about belonging to a specific group of believers dedicated to the common purpose of loving God and loving others. How that looks at Peace will be different than how it looks at any other church in the world and your role here is as important as everyone else's. If you choose to become a member and then end up being a CEO (Christmas & Easter only) not only will you miss out on a lot of good things, but so will the rest of the Peace family who rely on you to fulfill the unique God-given role that only you can fill. So, with that in mind, here is the membership process in a nutshell:

Church Membership Made Easy:
  1. Make the decision to commit to Peace with your membership (this is the hard part!)
  2. Fill out the back of your attendance card indicating your desire to join.
  3. Attend a New Member Class (they're pretty interesting, actually)
  4. Stand up and get welcomed on a Sunday morning (don't worry, we feed you afterwards)

We understand that when it comes to people's spiritual background, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" class to address every need. So, while we only offer one class day each quarter, we incorporate several "mini-sessions" into that day's agenda.

If you are a new Christian or didn't grow up with any religious background at all, then the Starting Point program is the best place to start. It is a twelve-week introduction to the Christian faith complete with interesting presentations, good food and small group discussion time. It is designed so you can ask questions in a non-threatening environment and really get a handle on what practical, day- to- day Christianity is all about. Sessions are offered as demand from our attenders dictates.

Taking the next step in membership even though the membership process should be a heart matter, there is always the inevitable paperwork that follows. After you have completed the required class, we will ask you to complete a personal data sheet for each member of your family. This information is for office use only and gives the staff important details on how to reach you and what type of interests/hobbies you have so they can keep you informed on upcoming events. For those transferring from a different church, we will ask you to send a Transfer Request to your previous church so that your records can be sent to Peace. When all is completed, the Board of Deacons will approve your membership and you will receive an official looking certificate in the mail. The best part comes when the whole church welcomes you during a worship service, takes your picture and then throws a luncheon party in your honor afterward! It's a great way to get to meet the staff and many of the friendly folks at Peace and begin what we hope will be a wonderful lifetime adventure.
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