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Peace has a variety of serving opportunities within the church during the week and on the weekends. Each of us has a unique gift that we can use to serve as a volunteer in the church. We have listed just a small selection of volunteer opportunities to the right side of this page of areas that you can serve at Peace. If your skills don't match up with one of these areas contact the church office and we will be glad to connect you with people that can enable you to use your skills to serve at Peace Church.

Office - Bulletin Assembly
Our weekly bulletins are assembled on Fridays at noon. This assembly would include special services as well as our weekly bulletins. This takes about an hour and we are always looking for new people to help out. The team consists of 5-6 people per week. Contact person -- Sue Gumz.

Office - Newsletter Assembly
Our monthly newsletters are assembled near the end of the month, usually in the morning. This takes about 1- 1 1/2 hours. The team consists of 8-12 people. This is a great opportunity to visit with and get to know others. Contact person - Sue Gumz.

Office Printing
Peace does most of its printing in-house. On Wednesdays we print handouts for Confirmation and Discovery club and other miscellaneous handouts that are needed as well as letters, newsletters, and other mailings. The printing takes about 2 hours on Wednesday afternoons. On Thursdays we print our worship bulletins and any necessary handouts for worship. This generally takes 2 to 3 hours. We have a well-equipped printing area. We are always looking for people who would be willing to help. The only pre-requisite is that you need some computer knowledge. Contact Sue Gumz.

Facility and Grounds
Volunteer opportunities to assist in keeping the facility and grounds maintained for an inviting look to our members, attenders, and visitors. Inside: light maintenance, helping to move items from time to time. Outside: raking, trimming bushes, watering plants and trees and lawn, pulling weeds, planting new items. -- Contact Person Cheryl Walker

Wednesday Night Suppers
This is a great opportunity to meet a group of new people. Each serving team serves two times a year. Wednesday night suppers offer a time of fellowship to our members and attenders who are involved with our discovery club and confirmation programs. Each team serves a main dish supplemented with a large variety of salads and desserts. Depending on the meal and the availability of the team, the day could begin as early as noon to prepare the meal. Otherwise, the main time frame is from 3:30-7:00 p.m. The meal is served from 4:45-6 p.m. during the school year. There is also a dish washer crew that comes in to help with clean-up. Teams are comprised of 10 or more people. Contact Everett Tillung or David Forke.

Funeral Lunches
We provide a luncheon for the family, if they so desire. We have several meal coordinators who head up the luncheon. We enlist volunteers to help serve and clean-up as well as donate salads and desserts. The work shifts are usually between 2-3 hours in length. This service opportunity is a great way to meet new people. Please contact the church office if you are interested in serving in this way. Contact Sue Gumz

Senior Lunches
Small groups provide lunches for our seniors and shut-ins on the second Thursday of the month from September-May. This provides additional fellowship for those in attendance. Following the lunch is a short communion service lead by a member of our preaching team. Those who are interested in serving this group are asked to contact the church office. Contact Sue Gumz

Helping Hands
Helping Hands is a new mission team wanting to help people in need during times of stress and illnesses. We provide assistance with meals and other needs during pregnancy difficulites, new mom at home, recuperating after hospital visit or rehab, family illness that upsets the whole family, etc. We strive to make your life a little more manageable so your health does not suffer. In order to start to serve other, we need a team of volunteers. How would you be willing to serve? Contact Nancy Stang for more information.

Music & Choirs
Joy Choir is a worship leading choir that meets throughout the program year at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. Joy Choir helps lead worship in the SLC once or twice a month. Joy Choir also shares special music - utilizing a variety of choir styles - in the worship services. We often prepare and sing special musicals and choral productions during the Christmas and Easter seasons. There are no auditions for the Joy Choir - we are always looking for those who love to sing and worship.
Solid Rock is a small group of men (9) who sing a variety of styles of music and sing mostly for the 8:20 traditional service. We also do programs for various assisted living homes in the area and sing for other groups as requested. Southern Gospel music is their specialty.
Contact Lynette Schulz for more information.

Christmas is an opportunity to join with other Peace people on the designated Saturday morning in December to decorate Peace Church for Christmas. We are decorating on Dec. 15 from 8:00 - to 11:00 (or until done).
Easter A crew is needed to help decorate the worship areas on the Saturday before Easter. Visual Arts Team A team that designs and works to decorate the SLC for various worship series throughout the year.
Contact Lynette Schulz for more information.

IT & Graphic Arts
As Peace has grown, so has our technology -- as well as the potential for hiccups, glitches, shutdowns, and blue screens of death. If you have a knack for working with technology -- servers, networking, Windows and Mac operating systems, and a variety of software programs -- Peace can use your help. God designed us as visual creatures, and with each passing year we have new tools at our disposal for visually communicating the Gospel message. A volunteer graphic arts designer would be invited to help with designing bulletin and CGI artwork for upcoming worship series, producing posters and banners, creating graphics for display announcements and the Web site, and possibly assisting with video projects.
If you're interested, see Tim Stein.
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