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At Peace's High School Ministry we strive to lead our students closer in their relationship with Jesus through our 3 part framework: Connect, Grow, Lead. First connect, connect to other Christians the same age, and most important connect to Jesus. Second grow, grow in your friendships, grow as a child of God, and grow closer in your relationship with Jesus. The last step in our framework is lead. Once you've connected and are growing, we want to mentor you in being a leader so you can lead others to connect and grow.


First and most important we want you to connect with Jesus. In the connect stage you take an important step in connecting to your high school ministry by taking a role in it.


Growing means realizing a positive change in your faith. Jesus tells us in His Word: I will be with you always until the very end of the age. Connecting isn't enough, we want you to be continually growing in your relationships with one another, but especially in your walk with Jesus. All relationships take time and effort. There are several ways you can take steps to grow your relationship.


Leading others to Jesus is the heartbeat of Christ's Church. We strive to connect and grow, but if we only stay there we're only looking for ways to be comfortable and serve ourselves. We cannot continue to grow unless we lead others to connect and grow.

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