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[Matthew 28:16-20; Romans 10:14-17; Mark 10:42-45; Luke 12:13-21] "For the followers of Jesus the final risk is gone."* Jesus has assured us that death has no power over us and that by faith we possess eternal life with Him. Jesus commands his church to take this message to the very ends of the earth that all people might come to believeporting, affirming, and encouraging one another to faithfully follow Jesus...

Mission Grant Application

Upcoming Mission Trip Opportunities:

1) Juarez, Mexico (5 days in Mexico)
Saturday/Sunday, January 7/8- Saturday, January 14, 2017
Cost: $300 + Airfare (About $620 total)
- Scholarships available

2) Navarrete, Dominican Republic
Sunday, February 19 - Saturday February 25
We have made Delta Group Air reservation for 14 people on the following flights:
DL 2850 Sunday 19, Feb 2017 MSP 7:00am JFK 10:49am
DL 452 Sunday 19, Feb 2017 JFK 2:20pm STI 07:02pm
DL 312 Saturday 25, Feb 2017 STI 7:10am JFK 9:44am
DL 454 Saturday 25, Feb 2017 JFK 12:15pm MSP 2:34pm
Cost: $1175 with Group Air ($400 with own Air Arrangements)
- For those traveling with Group Air arrangements a $400 deposit is desired immediately to reserve your spot.
- For those making own travel arrangements: Please forward a copy of your travel plans to Susan Larson.
- DEADLINE to register for Dominican Trip with Group Air is: Monday, November 14

3) Juarez, Mexico (4 days in Mexico)
Saturday/Sunday, July 8/9 - Friday, July 14
Cost: $300 + Airfare (About $720 total)
- Scholarships available

4) San Raimundo, Guatemala Summer 2017
Trip as interest dictates. If we have 14 people that will commit to a common date, Peace will arrange a trip. Team Casas has a July 2 – 7 trip for individuals as an option. Please indicate interest as soon as possible so we can work to keep airfare costs to a minimum. Interest sheet in Gathering Place or email Susan Larson

There will be mission trip informational meetings in the Refuge on Sunday 10/16 and Sunday 11/6 at 11 AM

DEADLINES to register for mission trips with group air are: As Soon As Possible for DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Contact Susan Larson at 715-834-2486 or for more information

If you would like to register, please print these forms (one set for each participant and trip), fill them out, and scan/email to Susan Larson at the address above, or drop them off at the Peace office with your deposit. Thank you!

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