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The WORD - the Bible is different from every other book. The Bible is inspired by a Holy God. His life and His presence have been breathed into Scripture. Here the voice of God is heard. But God not only speaks; He makes Himself fully present - gentle as the still small whisper on the mountain, terrible as an army with banners - breaking through the pages into our hearts, our lives, our world.

The WORD is the part of our Mosaic that says spending time reading God's Word every day is vital to our growth as a fully alive follower of Jesus. As we grow in our knowledge, understanding, and love of Jesus from the study of the Word, it shapes the way we view and understand the world around us.

The WORD Station is one way that we can resource your journey in the Word.

What is the purpose of the WORD STATION? Our purpose is to be of assistance to you in any way that we can to help you in your journey of studying the WORD. We are here to answer questions - to guide you in your Study Bible selection and Devotional materials. We can suggest online resources that might help you in your personal study of the Scriptures. We would love to dialog with you about questions you have from your personal study of the WORD. We are here to serve you. The resources available at the Station - we have suggested donation prices to help cover costs. However - we want to encourage you to not let the cost stop you from getting the resources that will benefit you in your study. We ask that you give whatever donation works for you.

RESOURCES AVAILABLE as a service to Peace Church:

Study Bibles:
  • NLT Life Application - $25
  • ESV Study Bibles - Personal - $20; Regular Study Bibles - $25
  • Large Print Study Bibles are $35.
  • Free paperback bibles (limited supply)
  • Free Pocket New Testament Bibles (limited supply)
  • Free GLO - Computer Program demo (limited supply)
Devotion Books:
  • Moments With the Savior - Ken Gire (based on the New Testament Gospel Scriptures) - $12
  • Solo - Eugene Peterson - a Lectio Divina devotional based on New Testament Scriptures using The Message paraphrase. - $12
  • Copies of Current Sermon Series Books
  • Handouts for Devotionals/Bible Reading Plans/Bible Study Resources
Best Resource:
Sunday mornings from 9:15 - 11:15 - someone will be available to answer your questions and guide you in your Bible Reading journey.
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