Discover Practices - Week 2 -Music

Week of September 22 Loved by Christ through Music

Hillsong Highlands.jpg

Day 1 Listen to “Highlands” (Song of Ascent) by Hillsong United

-          Let the words wash over you.  What words from the song speak of God’s love for you? Spend a few minutes reflecting.  

Day 2 Listen to “Highlands”

-          Reflect on the words of the chorus:

I will praise you on the mountain 

I will praise you when the mountain’s in my way 

You’re the summit where my feet are

So I will praise you in the valleys all the same

 -          How difficult is it to praise God when things are going well and then again when things aren’t going so well?

 Day 3 Listen to “Highlands”

-          Reflect on this verse: 

For who could dare ascend that mountain

That valleyed hill called Calvary

But for the one I call Good Shepherd

Who like a lamb was slain for me

 -          What thoughts and feelings come to mind knowing that Jesus ascended the mountain of Calvary to die for your sins?

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Day 1 Reflection

As I was listening to Highlands this evening, I began to get this sense of understanding the security that comes in knowing God’s presence.  Whether standing on the summit or down in the valley – there’s the beauty of knowing that God’s love is sure – it’s steady – it doesn’t waver.  God’s presence does not depend on my mood – whether it was a good day or a disappointing day – He is sure and true and always waiting for me to reach out to Him – to talk with Him – to spend time with Him.  Makes me smile 😊 - Lynette

Day 2 Reflection

Seems to me that God invites us into this incredible journey of being part of His family where He promises to be with us.  Whether it’s mountaintops of awe and wonder or in the valleys of defeat and despair or somewhere in between – He promises us His PRESENCE.  But we have a choice – we can choose to accept His invitation or reject His invite and choose to follow our own passions and pursuits.  The more I learn of God’s character – the more I want Him and desire His presence in every single area of my life.  There is no greater joy than resting in “His pastures of grace”. The invitation is open to you – what is your response? - Lynette