Casas Por Cristo

Mission Grant Application

Upcoming Mission Trip Opportunities:

1) Juarez, Mexico (5 days in Mexico)  
Saturday/Sunday, January 7/8- Saturday, January 14, 2017
Cost: $300 + Airfare (About $620 total) 
- Scholarships available

2) Navarrete, Dominican Republic  
Sunday, February 19 - Saturday February 25
We have made Delta Group Air reservation for 14 people on the following flights: 
DL 2850 Sunday 19, Feb 2017 MSP 7:00am JFK 10:49am
DL 452 Sunday 19, Feb 2017 JFK 2:20pm STI 07:02pm
DL 312 Saturday 25, Feb 2017 STI 7:10am JFK 9:44am
DL 454 Saturday 25, Feb 2017 JFK 12:15pm MSP 2:34pm
Cost: $1175 with Group Air ($400 with own Air Arrangements) 
- For those traveling with Group Air arrangements a $400 deposit is desired immediately to reserve your spot. 
- For those making own travel arrangements: Please forward a copy of your travel plans to Susan Larson. 
- DEADLINE to register for Dominican Trip with Group Air is: Monday, November 14

3) Juarez, Mexico (4 days in Mexico)  
Saturday/Sunday, July 8/9 - Friday, July 14
Cost: $300 + Airfare (About $720 total) 
- Scholarships available

4) San Raimundo, Guatemala Summer 2017
Trip as interest dictates. If we have 14 people that will commit to a common date, Peace will arrange a trip. Team Casas has a July 2 – 7 trip for individuals as an option. Please indicate interest as soon as possible so we can work to keep airfare costs to a minimum. Interest sheet in Gathering Place or email Susan Larson

There will be mission trip informational meetings in the Refuge on Sunday 10/16 and Sunday 11/6 at 11 AM  

DEADLINES to register for mission trips with group air are: As Soon As Possible for DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Contact Susan Larson at 715-834-2486 or for more information

If you would like to register, please print these forms (one set for each participant and trip), fill them out, and scan/email to Susan Larson at the address above, or drop them off at the Peace office with your deposit. Thank you! 

Mission Interest Form | Medical Release | Risk Disclosure