“I am so grateful for my coach who walked beside me, heard me, and
helped me to move forward.” - Peace member

Peace Coaching

What is Christian Coaching?
Christian Coaching is a single or a series of conversations that empowers a person to fully live out God’s calling.

We live in a pretty “tell-oriented” world—someone or something telling us what to do or think, what’s “best” for us, or what we “should” want to do. Here at Peace, we offer something different. Peace coaching is about asking, listening, and helping you move your life and faith forward. With a Peace Coach, you set the agenda in the conversation and discuss the areas that matter most to you.

Why Use a Coach?

  • To live out God’s calling on your life

  • To navigate a transition well

  • To pursue a new career

  • To gain insight into your unique strengths

  • To make significant changes

  • To become financially more stable

  • To improve relationships

  • To be a better leader

Which of these matter most to you?

Being Trained as a Coach
Christian Coaching is about the power of discovery. Coaching helps individuals discover the way forward on their own. Individuals often deny or resist the insight they are told, but when an individual makes a discovery on their own, they embrace it. They own it.

In partnership with Leader Breakthru, Peace Church hosts 1.25 day Coaching Skills workshops that will transform your conversations, leadership, and personal ministry.  Learn more about the IDEA model here: leaderbreakthru.com/training/coaching-skills.php

Contact MarkS@mypeacechurch.com if you’re interested in coaching skills.

Start a Conversation
If you’re interested in starting a conversation with a Peace coach or just learning more about the process, please fill out the form below and a church staff member will contact you.

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