Peace Church Youth Devo Project

In the last 2 years we’ve seen God move in some amazing ways. Every Wednesday night we’ve had 1 middle or high school student share their faith in front of 200 of their peers. Including Open Mic Nights, we’ve had well over 70 students share a God moment or positive faith story. We’ve been so encouraged and inspired by the student’s faith that we wanted to capture & share some of their stories in a devotional. We’re calling this the Peace Youth Devo Project and our hope is to publish enough copies for every family at Peace, in addition to family members and friends.

We’re inviting students in grades 6-12 to submit a short God lesson or faith story, artwork, or poem to be a part of this project. If your son or daughter is interested, please click on the link below to learn more & submit a devo. The goal is finish the project by September 2018.

To submit your devo: click here

youth devo project.jpg