High School Ministry (HSM)

At Peace's High School Ministry we strive to lead our students closer in their relationship with Jesus through our 3 part framework: Connect, Grow, Lead. Connect to other Christians the same age, and, most importantly, connect to Jesus. Grow in your friendships, grow as a child of God, and grow closer in your relationship with Jesus. Once you've connected and are growing, we want to mentor you in being a leader so you can lead others to connect and grow.


Join Us For Winter Retreat 2018
Now more than ever, young people are feeling exhausted and burnt out from their phones, social media, and societal pressures. Anxiety, depression, and disengagement are at all-time highs. Because of this, we believe middle and high school students need to learn how to rest, to unplug, and to pause... letting go of their devices and connecting with Jesus: the true source of our peace and strength. 

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