Please contact Susan at susanl@mypeacechurch.comwith any questions regarding this opportunity.

CLC Worship Team Audition

Help create an engaging worship experience for Peace Church attenders.

Thank you for your interest in the CLC Worship Team at Peace Church! Prior to being considered for a live audition, all applicants must apply through video submissions. All video auditions are reviewed by music staff, and potential candidates will be contacted regarding next steps in the audition process.

Video Submission Instructions

1. Record yourself playing/singing along to the two audition songs listed below so we can see and hear you. It isn’t necessary to hear the mp3 you’re playing/singing along with.

  • Instrumentalists: Please play both songs.

  • Vocalists: Please sing lead on one song (“What a Beautiful Name” for women, and “O Come to the Altar” for men) and harmonies on the other.

2. Upload the video to either Dropbox, or your own YouTube channel and under privacy settings, select "Unlisted." Title each video with "Name-Peace Worship Audition (Song Title)." Both options are simple and secure methods for sharing a video.

3. Send the video link to

If you'd like to audition for multiple instruments, or an instrument and vocals, please submit separate videos for each.

Please Note: Incomplete or incorrect video submissions will not be considered.