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Middle School Ministry

Guiding students to fully live as followers of Jesus.


Peace’s Confirmation Ministry is designed to help middle school students strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus through large group teaching and small group discussion. Each year, students learn the basics of the Christian faith while seeking to apply God's Word through participation in worship, service, retreats, small groups and personal Bible reading. Confirmation is held on Wednesday nights throughout the school year from 6:15 - 7:45 p.m. in the Community Life Center (CLC) at Peace. Confirmation is a great stepping stone for a youth’s walk with God, and it leads up to the Rite of Confirmation in the fall of students’ ninth grade year.

Rec Nights
In addition to Confirmation, middle schoolers are invited to come to Rec Nights once every other month to connect, play a crazy game, and apply the theme of the night to God’s Word and their own lives. Watch the e-blast for updates on when these will take place.

Breakfast Club

One Sunday morning each month, middle school youth and 5th graders are invited to come to the Refuge from 9:35-10:35 am for Breakfast Club, where there will be great breakfast food, games, and a Bible study. Watch the e-bast for updates on when these will take place.

Text Updates
Text PEACEMSM to 51660 for weekly updates on Peace middle school ministry.

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Confirmation Ministry Overview

9th Grade Faith Statement

This is not an assignment. This is your faith.

Before you start, please take some time to think and pray about the following questions. We’re looking for your personal and honest answers - not the answers you think we want to hear. Know that we’re praying for you and please don’t forget to click “SUBMIT” when you’re done.

Deadline: Your Faith Statement is due by June 1st, 2019

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Your Cell Number
How would you rate your overall confirmation experience? Be honest. *
Please rate the following elements of the Peace Confirmation program *
Please rate the following elements of the Peace Confirmation program
The large group teaching (speakers) helped me grow in my faith
The worship music was meaningful and important to me
The group games (screen games, etc.) were fun & enjoyable
My small group discussions helped me apply my Christian faith to everyday life and decisions
I developed some good Christian friends in my small group
The service projects I did with my small group inspired me to serve others more in my life