Our Mission

Peace Church guides people to fully live as followers of Jesus.

Spiritual Pathway

No matter where you are in your faith walk, our desire is to help you grow closer to God and be who God created you to be. The Peace Pathway is a tool to help you visualize an ongoing process and take the “next step” to fully live as a follower of Jesus.


  • 3 Stories: For anyone seeking to strengthen their faith, connect with the Peace community, and discover how God is uniquely at work in their lives. We explore 3 key stories – My Story, how God has been at work in your life … God’s Story how God has been at work throughout human history as revealed in the Bible … and Our Story, the story of how God is at work within the faith community called Peace Church.
  • Post-It Note Timeline: This is one of the components of the 3 Stories event. It helps to gain perspective on how God has already been at work in your life and where He may be leading you in the future.
  • Coaching: Christian coaching is an ongoing intentional conversation designed to give you greater clarity and insight personally, professionally, or spiritually.

Engage with the core components of the Peace Mosaic: join a life group, participate in a mission trip, attend a class on the Bible or worship, check out a retreat, find a place to serve at Peace, read one of the gospels, pick up a daily devotional, enlist the help of a coach or mentor, make a financial gift, commit to a Bible reading plan, or explore other options. There are many opportunities to grow, serve, and get involved at Peace.

These three courses are designed to help you gain focus, live more intentionally, and bring clarity to God’s shaping work in your life.

  • Focused Living: A personal development process designed to help clarify the call God has placed on your life. Who did He make you to be, and what is He calling you to do?
  • Apex: This is designed to help you gain perspective on the contribution you can make to God’s kingdom. Of all the things you could do, what should you do?
  • Resonance: Identify what God has entrusted to you over your lifetime and learn how to share those lessons to impact the lives of others. How will you finish well? What will your legacy be?

Our Vision 1+1+1

At its heart, Peace Church is not buildings, staff, programs, or by-laws. At its heart, Peace is people. God made us to be in relationships, and without them, we will not fulfill the potential He has placed within us. We need each other for mutual encouragement, for mutual example and inspiration, for mutual help and support, for mutual guidance and insight, for mutual compassion and forgiveness, for mutual service and mission. Through our relationships with one another we have the opportunity to guide others and to be guided in our walk with Jesus. Our greatest impact for the Kingdom of God will come not only through relationships, but largely through one relationship at a time. This idea is reflected in the phrase “1+1+1.”

The Mosaic

These four strategic elements identify key areas of programming and personal spiritual growth that will enable Peace to fulfill its mission.

God’s Word is His revelation of Himself and His plan for the world He created. The Word communicates God’s great love for people and how He gives Himself completely – namely, His only Son, Jesus – to save us from the sin that would destroy us. Through His written Word, the Bible, God guides us to the grace and truth that is found in the living Word, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit works through the Word to create faith and a new relationship with God, through which we are transformed to become more like Jesus.

One of the key ways we grow into fully living followers of Jesus is through our worship – not only the songs that we sing on Sunday, but the kind of worship in which we daily receive from God and respond with prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. It is a lifestyle, not done out of command or obligation, but out of gratitude for who God is and what He has done in our lives; it is an expression that prepares us for an eternity of rejoicing in His presence.

Mission runs contrary to the American dream, which encourages us to maximize personal comfort and pleasure now. Jesus does not share in this refrain, instead challenging believers to embrace risk, sacrifice material possessions, give of our time and service, and speak the Good News so that more people might know Jesus as their Savior. At Peace, we seek to carry out Jesus’ mission together through ministries of the church and individually as each person pursues his or her calling in service to others.

The Christian life is not meant to be a solitary endeavor; rather, it is to be lived out in community with other Christians. Through our relationships with one another we have the opportunity to guide others and to be guided in our walk with Jesus. Group life enables us to share life deeply with other Christians as we develop authentic community, supporting and encouraging one another to faithfully follow Jesus.

Life Marks

These measures indicate how well Peace is fulfilling its mission.

Believe Jesus
I trust in Jesus as my Savior, receive from Him every spiritual benefit, and live in a vital, empowering relationship with Him.

Pursue Jesus
I pursue Jesus by finding ways to be with Him, to learn from Him, and to grow in my love for Him. This pursuit involves the active practice of spiritual disciplines both individually and in Christian community.

Live Like Jesus
As I follow Jesus, I learn to live like him. His spirit shapes my heart, and my attitudes and actions change to reflect more of his character. I learn to live according to the will and word of God, so that I produce good works in his name. When people know me they recognize that Jesus is at work in my life. 

Love Like Jesus
As a Christian community, we are called to share the love of Christ in a broken and hurting world. Our Lord set the example for us by unconditionally loving a sinful and rebellious people so much that He was willing to lay down His own life.

Risk Like Jesus
I go beyond my comfort zone to live for Jesus.