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Discover / April 15, 2018
Life with God begins with the discovery of his love given through Jesus. For the Apostle Paul, this involved his dramatic discovery that Jesus wasn’t a dead, failed Messiah but a living, victorious Savior … who loved Paul and claimed as his own. Have you discovered this Jesus?
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This Changes Everything / 04.08.18
One of Pastor James’ friends is fond of saying, “We are Easter people.” What he means is that Easter changes everything. Since Jesus has been raised from the dead we have hope and a future and the promise of new and everlasting life. During this series we will look at how the resurrection changed the lives of Jesus’ followers and the course of world history. This week we will focus on the Gospel – what it is and why it matters.
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Easter (CLC) / April 1, 2018

Easter (SLC) / 03.31.18
Ancient wisdom wasn't any different than modern day science. Everyone knows that the dead stay dead. Graves stay filled. Then along came the crucified Jesus. Contrary to every expectation of his enemies and his followers alike, Jesus' grave opened wide. He is risen! Death has been defeated. We live in the reality and the promise of Jesus' resurrection.

Good Friday / 03.30.18
Today in worship we reflect on the final words of Jesus from the cross. These words and his death often cause us to question what was all this for, what is it all about, why did it have to happen? Hopefully through our reflection these questions will be answered and there will be greater meaning of this insurmountable act of love. God bless your worship. We enter our worship in silent reflection as we focus on the death of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Good & Beautiful God

03.25.18 / The King
This Sunday often seems caught between two poles. On one hand, we recall Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem to the shouts of hosanna. On the other hand, the Gospel seems to jump the gun at Holy Week and tell the whole story nearly a week ahead. The Epistle forms a bridge between the two, reminding us that Jesus did not enter for the accolades of the crowd but to be obedient unto death, even death on a cross, to save us. The crowd’s welcome was prophetic in this regard—calling on Him who would save them, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” Today we add our voices in welcome, knowing that in order to save us from sin and its death, our Lord had to suffer in our place on the cross and die in our place to set us free from sin and its death. What a great entrance into Holy Week!
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03.18.18 / God Transforms
In The Good and Beautiful God, author James Bryan Smith makes the case that through Jesus we see ourselves not primarily as hopeless sinners, but as saint being transformed by the presence of his Holy Spirit. Such transformation does not happen through our own willpower. Deep change takes place as we abide in Christ.
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03.11.18 / God Is Holy
H. Richard Niebuhr wrote, "A God without wrath brought men without sin into a kingdom without judgement through the ministrations of Christ without a cross." What did Niebuhr mean? It's not possible to appreciate the mercy of God unless you understand sin and judgement. For God justice and judgment are linked. The only way we can approach a God who is Holy is to understand the way that the cross bridges the gap between us and God. Only through Christ do we approach a holy God. Join us this weekend as we will teach about the necessity of holding justice and judgement together.
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03.04.18 / God Is Love
We live in a world where acceptance is performance-based: Do well and you will be accepted; do poorly and you will be rejected. God’s love is also performance-based. His love and acceptance for us is based on the performance of Jesus Christ. Today we look at the love of God, which is grounded in His giving His one and only Son for us.
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02.25.18 / God Is Trustworthy
What led Christ to the cross? His love for us and His unwavering trust in the Father. Jesus believed that the Father was good, loving, and totally trustworthy. He was willing to give everything He had for our salvation, because He knows that His Father was good and loved Him.
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02.18.18 / God Is Good
This weekend we launch a message series for the season of Lent based on the book The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith. We begin with the crucial issue of how we see God. Given the evil in the world and the disappointments of our own lives, can we believe that He is good? Today we will find a reason to affirm his goodness.
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GOAT: Greatest of All Time (Lent)

March 21, 2018 / Mary

03.14.18 / John the Baptist

03.07.18 / Esther

02.21.18 / Moses

02.14.18 / Abraham (Ash Wednesday)

Reading the Bible

02.11.18 / Reading Backward
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02.04.18 / Guest speaker, Brad Gray

Love Your Neighbor

01.28.18 / No More "Us" and Them"
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01.21.18 / Out of Poverty
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1.14.18 / Loving Your International Neighbor
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Out of the Overflow

1.7.18 / Time and Treasure
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12.31 / Salt and Light
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12.24 / The Greatest Gift

12.24 / The Father's Gift of Overflowing Love

12.17 / The Generosity of the Shepherds
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12.10 / Surrender
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12.3 / Anticipation
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The Mystery of the Sacraments

11.26 / The Lord's Supper
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11.19 / Baptism

11.12 / The Mystery of the Sacraments
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11.5 / Orphan Sunday

The Reformation: Why Does It Matter?

10.29 / A Calling for Everyone!
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10.8 / Grace Alone
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10.22 / The Authority of Scripture
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10.15 / Faith Alone
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