Dec. 3, 2017 | Anticipation

The Christmas season is one of generosity, especially in our gift-giving to loved ones. This reflects the heart of the Christmas story--a story of God's amazing generosity to us in the Person of Jesus Christ. In this Advent-Christmas-Epiphany series, we will focus on God's generosity and our response beginning with Old Testament prophecy. Isaiah anticipates a God who brings an overflow of comfort, help, and hope. | Transcript | Study Guide

Nov. 26, 2017 | The Lord's Supper

It is easy to turn the Lord’s Supper into a mere religious ritual that has some symbolic meaning but lacks the power of a deeper connection with our resurrected Savior. We close the church year by reflecting on the wonder of communion with Jesus as a gift received through Holy Communion. | Transcript | Study Guide

Nov. 19, 2017 | Baptism

Baptism presents itself in a variety of ways throughout Scripture. Jesus Himself was baptized and commanded it as a part of his disciple-making commission. This weekend the messages will focus on the efficacy and essential concept of baptism.

11.12 / The Mystery of the Sacraments | Study Guide

10.22 / The Authority of Scripture
Study Guide | Transcript

11.5 / Orphan Sunday

10.15 / Faith Alone
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10.29 / A Calling for Everyone!
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10.8 / Grace Alone
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