What’s Your Next Step?

Discover Grow Go is all about your next step beyond weekend worship in your relationship with God. It’s an invitation to get you moving. you were made to move toward Jesus, toward greater personal vitality, and into a more fruitful life of service to others. Discover Grow Go is about seeing how your life is drawn into the far greater life, power, and purpose of God … to see how your story is a part of His grand story. No matter where your are in your spiritual journey, there’s always a next step - what’s yours?


Discover the truth about who God is and what He’s doing in your life

Discover Your Story
Complete a timeline of your life’s journey and gain clarity on where God may be leading you next.

Discover God’s Story
Gain a better understanding of the grand story of the Bible - and how it connects to your life.


God desires to help us become all we were meant to be


If we don’t share the good news of Jesus, who will?


Serve Local
Love Eau Claire is our local effort to reach out to our community through hands-on ministry. Since 2009 we have mobilized countless teams and individuals to assist in various projects and with different organizations throughout the Chippewa Valley.

Serve International
Since 2008, Peace Church has partnered with Casas Pro Cristo (El Paso, TX) to build over 50 homes for individuals and families in need in the countries of Mexico, Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Each year we schedule multiple trips to each location.